Sigma's ingenuity is well known by our customers. We have the ability to combine deep technical know how, industry-specific knowledge and creativity. We have chosen not to do everything but what we do is world class

At Sigma we develop solutions for the most demanding customers, we do it in the world’s most rapidly changing industry and we do it in a competition with the largest companies in the world. This means that everything we do must not only withstand our competitor’s offerings but also exceed them and our customer’s expectations.

If you are going to be the best you cannot do everything. To be the best you need to have focus. Therefore, at Sigma we have selected a number of offerings that we continually improve as technology evolves, the market demand changes, new regulatory requirements are added. And last but not least important - our own burning interest.


Sigma's Managed Services offer solutions and expertise within:


We provide both Specialized and Professional Services:

  • Managed Services in its fully developed form entail full responsibility for a project, a functions or a processes. We coordinate the right skills and deliver a complete solution within our core areas.
  • Professional Services in its simplest form entail that we deliver the specialist expertise our customers need within Technology, Communication and Strategy. We can provide substantial delivery capacities.