Sigma is a company that is built upon and continuously developed through our individual and collective skill, attitude, commitment, drive and ability to utilize our differences and each other’s strengths and experiences. Based on this we renew and develop our customers' competitiveness and business, while we at the same time strive for a better future. This has been Sigma's ambition during the more than 30 years that have passed since Dan Olofsson founded the company in 1986. He is together with his family the owner of Sigma and he continues to substantially contribute to our evolution and success.


Dan Olofsson Sigma
 Dan Olofsson


Sigma establishes operations in US (Seattle). Join us and give your contribution to the story of Sigma.


Sigma establishes operations in Bengaluru (India) and Wroclaw (Poland) and achieves greater power than ever before.


Sigma 30 years and has, since 2013, founded 17 new companies and have 3,000 employees.


Sigma forms six business areas: IT, Technology, Connectivity, Industry, Civil and Software.


Sigma is bought out from the Stock Exchange. Acquires SonyEricsson Mobile’s R&D for mobile hardware.


Sigma wins the Diamond prize for being The IT Company with Best Understanding of Customers’ Needs.


Sigma’s founder Dan Olofsson initiates Star for Life in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa to fight HIV and aids.


For the second year in a row, Sigma is named Best IT Consultancy by 200 major Swedish companies.


Sigma is converted into three companies: Teleca, Epsilon & Sigma.


Sigma has 600 employees and is introduced to the Stock Exchange.


Sapia AB is founded and later renamed to Sigma