In a global world we need to have a global perspective. That is why our teams are truly international.

We believe strongly in teamwork, and we know that a diversified and multifaceted team delivers better, gains more knowledge, is more innovative, and have more fun at work. In our assignments everyone is an important player in the team no matter where in the world we are. The team have a task to solve and need the whole team's capability and capacity to find the most efficient and sustainable solution.

By having a close relationship with our customers, we often get to take a big responsibility. Our project- and service managers have extensive knowledge of our customers business and together with architects and lead developers the requirements are translated and shared in specifications for development projects.

The services delivered are ranging from large complex projects, to shorter deep technical and time critical missions. At Sigma we are always looking for long term relations and the aim is to get all deliveries transformed into maintenance agreement. It is when we are helping our customer integrating our solutions into their daily business that the return on investment comes. The long term stability gives us the possibility to invest in our self and tomorrow’s techniques.

We have technical expertise and we love doing business. We make a difference through participation and dedication. It’s what you do that counts – not what you say. We are extremely committed to our team and characterized by our care for each other, for our customers - and for the surrounding world. By undertaking interesting projects we grow as individuals and as a company. Through effectiveness in our daily work we create resources that facilitate investments, which strengthens our operations. Customer’s trust is what provides us with new assignments, which in turn makes it possible for us to take the next step forward on our journey.


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